Update module report_xlsx to handle xlsx report attached in scheduled outgoing email – Odoo 11

Report_xlsx module gives us the possibility to create xlsx report using xlsxwriter python library, however when trying to send an email with a xlsx report attached on Odoo 11, I got this error message: “Unsupported report type xlsx found”. Odoo 11 community mail module handles only PDF document as attachement. To add xlsx type, we need to inherit mail.template model and override generate_email method.
import babel
import base64
import copy
import datetime
import dateutil.relativedelta as relativedelta
import logging

import functools
import lxml
from werkzeug import urls

from odoo import _, api, fields, models, tools
from odoo.exceptions import UserError
from odoo.tools import pycompat

_logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

class MailTemplate(models.Model):
    _inherit = "mail.template"

    def generate_email(self, res_ids, fields=None):
        """Generates an email from the template for given the given model based on
        records given by res_ids.

        :param template_id: id of the template to render.
        :param res_id: id of the record to use for rendering the template (model
                       is taken from template definition)
        :returns: a dict containing all relevant fields for creating a new
                  mail.mail entry, with one extra key ``attachments``, in the
                  format [(report_name, data)] where data is base64 encoded.
        multi_mode = True
        if isinstance(res_ids, pycompat.integer_types):
            res_ids = [res_ids]
            multi_mode = False
        if fields is None:
            fields = ['subject', 'body_html', 'email_from', 'email_to', 'partner_to', 'email_cc', 'reply_to', 'scheduled_date']

        res_ids_to_templates = self.get_email_template(res_ids)

        # templates: res_id -> template; template -> res_ids
        templates_to_res_ids = {}
        for res_id, template in res_ids_to_templates.items():
            templates_to_res_ids.setdefault(template, []).append(res_id)

        results = dict()
        for template, template_res_ids in templates_to_res_ids.items():
            Template = self.env['mail.template']
            # generate fields value for all res_ids linked to the current template
            if template.lang:
                Template = Template.with_context(lang=template._context.get('lang'))
            for field in fields:
                Template = Template.with_context(safe=field in {'subject'})
                generated_field_values = Template.render_template(
                    getattr(template, field), template.model, template_res_ids,
                    post_process=(field == 'body_html'))
                for res_id, field_value in generated_field_values.items():
                    results.setdefault(res_id, dict())[field] = field_value
            # compute recipients
            if any(field in fields for field in ['email_to', 'partner_to', 'email_cc']):
                results = template.generate_recipients(results, template_res_ids)
            # update values for all res_ids
            for res_id in template_res_ids:
                values = results[res_id]
                # body: add user signature, sanitize
                if 'body_html' in fields and template.user_signature:
                    signature = self.env.user.signature
                    if signature:
                        values['body_html'] = tools.append_content_to_html(values['body_html'], signature, plaintext=False)
                if values.get('body_html'):
                    values['body'] = tools.html_sanitize(values['body_html'])
                # technical settings
                    mail_server_id=template.mail_server_id.id or False,
                    res_id=res_id or False,
                    attachment_ids=[attach.id for attach in template.attachment_ids],

            # Add report in attachments: generate once for all template_res_ids
            if template.report_template:
                for res_id in template_res_ids:
                    attachments = []
                    report_name = self.render_template(template.report_name, template.model, res_id)
                    report = template.report_template
                    report_service = report.report_name

                    if report.report_type in ['qweb-html', 'qweb-pdf']:
                    	result, format = report.render_qweb_pdf([res_id])
                    elif report.report_type == 'xlsx':
                    	result, format = report.render_xlsx([res_id], [])
                    	raise UserError(_('Unsupported report type %s found.') % report.report_type)

                    # TODO in trunk, change return format to binary to match message_post expected format
                    result = base64.b64encode(result)
                    if not report_name:
                        report_name = 'report.' + report_service
                    ext = "." + format
                    if not report_name.endswith(ext):
                        report_name += ext
                    attachments.append((report_name, result))
                    results[res_id]['attachments'] = attachments

        return multi_mode and results or results[res_ids[0]]
Updated report_xlsx module for Odoo 11 community is available here. If you’re using the module email_template_qweb, you’ll need to add report_xlsx to module dependency in the __manifest__.py file.

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