Edit PDF header – Odoo 11

Edit the format of the address By default with the localization i set for my company, addresses are displayed like this picture bellow: First, you need to enable developper mode through settings, and go to the menu contact -> Configuration -> localization -> countries. Select the country you set on your company settings and click edit. Edit and change the format as your convenience. And here the result.   Edit the format of header/footer Settings are available through the menu: Settings -> General settings -> Document template section: You will be able to customize logo, text position here, click edit …

Odoo dashboard mobile

Odoo dashboard is a simple app that displays predefined widgets set on Odoo server, this app requires an additional module available on Odoo store.¬†– Create, rename, delete, reorder and reload dashboards.– Add, remove, reorder and reload widgets from dashboard.– Fast loading, data is retrieved by the server and cached. Odoo Dashboard Widgets – WidgetXVsY: displays 2 numbers, difference and variation is calculated.– WidgetLastX: it could be used to displays x last months orders / invoices, etc…– WidgetSingleX: displays a relevant numbers Odoo server module Odoo dashboard Remote database access Connect to remote databases (MSSQL, local postgreSQL, MySQL not implemented yet) …

Geektool : Display system information on your MacOS X desktop

If you would like to display system information on your desktop of your Mac OS X, Geektool is the right utility you need. First download and install geektool : https://www.tynsoe.org/v2/geektool/ Open geektool app. Drag and drop Shell on your desktop, and click on command button Paste this code bellow to display your local ip and public ip. But you will need to replace 192.168.101 by your network ip address. Result :

How to get data from URL with a controller in Odoo 9

Create under your module a folder controller, in that folder create files controller.py and __init__.py and link your new file in __init__.py, don’t forget to add controller folder in the __init__.py at the root folder of your module. controller.py code bellow will make available the URL www.myodoo.com/page/random/random_variable, random_variable value will be stored in values dictionary on key variable. in folder view of your module create the file template.xml