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Odoo – Redirect user to a page in python

This code bellow will redirect the user to customer invoice page, you will be able to set the model you would like to use with res_model and the id of the record in res_id, the view template in views, target can have new or self value. new value will open a popup and display the requested page, self will load the page in the current window.

How to use datetime in Python

  Exemple 1 : subtract 2 dates run the command. Exemple 2 : add or subtract days to a date run the command. Exemple 3 : today date Exemple 4 : convert string to datetime Exemple 5 : convert datetime to string

Odoo 11 community SO PO iOS approval

¬†Simple app to approve Odoo SO, PO from your iPhone / iPad, it has been tested only on Odoo Community 11, but it should work with newer version also. It requires an additional module on Odoo available on Github (link bellow). Odoo – NS module will add “Waiting for confirmation” Status on sale.order and purchase.order model.You will be able to customize the module and add any document that needs approval (like Invoices, payment confirmation, etc…)Long press on document from Odoo – NS iOS app will display PDF.If you have any question, you can contact me here:http://www.numberspeaks.com/contact/¬†

Fail2ban Odoo 9 Authentication

Odoo 9 community doesn’t come with autoban security. Fail2ban is an alternative to secure Odoo authentication. For more information concerning fail2ban click here Let’s start with creating a new filter: Paste the content from bellow code: Add those line in jail.local Change the value of syslog in the /etc/odoo/openerp-server.conf Restart Odoo then fail2ban to apply modification.