Create scheduled actions Odoo 9

Scheduled actions can be set by adding this code in your xml file. This exemple will call the function schedule_action from the model hr.employee and send a notification by email if the boolean enable_send_notification is True. This model inherits hr.employee and defines 1 additional field, and 2 additional functions. send_notification is sending email based on the the template my_module.email_hr_employee_notification, see this post how to create email template with xml, schedule_action is the function called by the scheduler.

Remote Mac computer from iPhone

CM – Remote Mac computers remote controller for macOS 13 Ventura and newer Control your Mac effortlessly from iPhone and iPad ApplicationsLaunch, exit and maximize program. SystemAdjust the volume, lock, put your Mac to sleep, restart from iPhone, iPad Installation of the macOS Agent is necessary. You can find the link below. CM – Remote works exclusively when both Mac and iOS devices are connected to the same network. Download Mobile App Mac computer Agent: CM Agent Latest version: 1.31 Designed to work with macOS version 13 Ventura and newer. Latest version: 1.31 macOS agent archive1.2 – Download1.3 – Download1.31 – Download

Disable database manager in Odoo

Module for odoo 8 and 11 available on Github. Some tips found on the web hides only the link from Odoo homepage however URL are still reachable (~/web/database/manager). By installing this module, it will filter the access to Odoo database manager through the controller except connections coming from IPs listed in system parameters. Whitelist option: Key: disable_database_manager.database_manager_whitelist Value:,,etc… This module will avoid unwanted connections attempts and secure your database manager access. Works with NGINX with some modification on nginx config file, click here for more detail. To disable completely database manager access: Add list_db = False in odoo.conf / …

Odoo 11 how to avoid loading the homepage after module upgrade

​ Download on GitHub Download upgrade module Odoo 11 redirects the user to his homepage after a module upgrade, to avoid this trouble I made a small modification of the module upgrade behavior. Additional module is available here. It inherits only the model “ir.module.module” and override “_button_immediate_function” method.


Odoo 9 Linux bash backup script

Bash backup odoo script is available on GitHub for Odoo 8 and 11. This bash script will help you to backup Odoo database, set a password on the backup file and remove files older than 7 days. You’ll need curl and 7zip linux package to make it work. This example is backing up od11-01 and od11-02 databases. It’s not really optimized with the double compression. BACKUP_DIR=/opt/backup ODOO_DATABASES="od11-01 od11-02" ADMIN_PASSWORD="ODOO_DATABASE_MANAGER_PASSORD" FILE_PASSWORD="ZIP_FILE_PASSWORD" TIMESTAMP=`date +%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S` for DB in ${ODOO_DATABASES} do # create a backup curl -X POST \ -F "master_pwd=${ADMIN_PASSWORD}" \ -F "name=${DB}" \ -F "backup_format=zip" \ -o ${BACKUP_DIR}/${DB}/${DB}.${TIMESTAMP}.zip \ http://localhost:8069/web/database/backup 7z a …