Stealthy tunnel with stunnel, OpenVPN on Mac OS and Debian

OpenVPN is more and less banned in some countries, therefore to be able to use it there, we need to make it stealthy by installing a 3rd party software like Tor, SSH Tunnel or Stunnel which hides openVPN traffic from governmental firewall detection. The principle is quite simple, we create a tunnel between our computer and the openVPN server which is encrypted by a certificate, then we send our openVPN traffic through this tunnel. Debian 8 stunnel server installation First OpenVPN should be configured to use TCP instead of UDP, on this example we open port number 1000 and redirect …

GMMK Pro – The Ultimate Modular Mechanical Keyboard

In today’s world, a keyboard is much more than just an input device. It’s an extension of your personality and an essential tool that helps you perform your daily tasks. With the Glorious GMMK Pro, you can take your typing experience to the next level. This keyboard is designed for gamers and professionals who want to get the best out of their typing and gaming sessions. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the features that make the Glorious GMMK Pro a must-have for anyone who takes their typing and gaming seriously. Modular DesignThe Glorious GMMK Pro is …


DKIM Zimbra 8.6

DKIM is an email authentication method designed to detect email spoofing, for more detail : Wiki DKIM, i’m describing in this post how to enable it with Zimbra. Make sure your DKIM has been enabled in your mail server. Add DNS TXT record: 148ERADC-FCE5-11E6-AF44-005A1B26B745._domainkey IN TXT v=DKIM1; k=rsa;p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQDg2uVLIssdfsfgu62+c7n0sxugzm8Lpr4A7o7veL4kIeifat2hD53P2KKQTV978HxBTQKrEFByLbG0WZuNracNJU9L5NOKtmYnE7ksxF9ODMKqFK+ltsmM9qkVxbU3xQOVdufDlV2Zk8Ya0WMkYWzKgWIwIDAQAB Test DKIM signature by sending email using this website: http://dkimvalidator.com/

Whitelist / Blacklist Amavis SpamAssassin Zimbra 8.6

Sometimes SpamAssassin scores email as False Positive spam, to avoid incoming emails to get junked, we can define globally in the config file /opt/zimbra/conf/amavisd.conf.in domain with a initial score. To whitelist a domain we add domain with a negative score: To blacklist a domain we add domain with positive score: To apply the modification restart Amavis: Now from the source of incoming emails we can see when it’s coming from mydomain.com the initial score is -3 and spammer.com is 5.