Mssql differential restoration error

After trying to restore differential backup after a full backup, i got this error message : The log or differential backup cannot be restored because no files are ready to roll forward. To be able to complete differential restoration, full backup needs to be restored with “WITH NORECOVERY” option as follow:

Create scheduled actions Odoo 9

Scheduled actions can be set by adding this code in your xml file. This exemple will call the function schedule_action from the model hr.employee and send a notification by email if the boolean enable_send_notification is True. This model inherits hr.employee and defines 1 additional field, and 2 additional functions. send_notification is sending email based on the the template my_module.email_hr_employee_notification, see this post how to create email template with xml, schedule_action is the function called by the scheduler.

Add menu in dropdown list on tree view – Odoo 9

To add an additional menu in action dropdown list on tree view, we need to register “ir.actions.server” and “ir.values” on the qweb/xml file as follow. Note that code field name is using old Odoo python API. In your sale order model create the method as bellow with Odoo new API. Restart odoo and upgrade your module, you’ll have now cancel menu on your sales order tree view.

Ping – NS

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