POS order to quotation in Odoo 9

Odoo 9 community does¬†not have a button to generate from the POS (Point of Sale) Order a quotation (Sales Order), here is the following code of my module pos_2_so. Folders arborescence will have as sub folders : ¬†model, view, static, ref the print screen : We will start by adding a new button on the interface of the pos, in the folder static/src/xml/, we create a new file named pos_2_so.xml. Bellow is its QWeb xml code : This portion of code creates a template named pos2sopad which include only a button : We need to set a placeholder by adding …

Disable database manager in Odoo

Module for odoo 8 and 11 available on Github. Some tips found on the web hides only the link from Odoo homepage however URL are still reachable (~/web/database/manager). By installing this module, it will filter the access to Odoo database manager through the controller except connections coming from IPs listed in system parameters. Whitelist option: Key: disable_database_manager.database_manager_whitelist Value:,,etc… This module will avoid unwanted connections attempts and secure your database manager access. Works with NGINX with some modification on nginx config file, click here for more detail. To disable completely database manager access: Add list_db = False in odoo.conf / …


DKIM Zimbra 8.6

DKIM is an email authentication method designed to detect email spoofing, for more detail : Wiki DKIM, i’m describing in this post how to enable it with Zimbra. Make sure your DKIM has been enabled in your mail server. Add DNS TXT record: 148ERADC-FCE5-11E6-AF44-005A1B26B745._domainkey IN TXT v=DKIM1; k=rsa;p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQDg2uVLIssdfsfgu62+c7n0sxugzm8Lpr4A7o7veL4kIeifat2hD53P2KKQTV978HxBTQKrEFByLbG0WZuNracNJU9L5NOKtmYnE7ksxF9ODMKqFK+ltsmM9qkVxbU3xQOVdufDlV2Zk8Ya0WMkYWzKgWIwIDAQAB Test DKIM signature by sending email using this website: http://dkimvalidator.com/

Additional measure in Odoo graph view

  This article will help you to add measures in graph view, my exemple is based on sale order model, for all additional computed fields, attribute store must be set to True, otherwise you won’t be able to choose it from the dropdown list measure in graph view. When grouping, you might want to calculate on some fields the average instead of the sum, if so, you need to use group_operator = ‘avg’ directly in your model file, see margin_percent field bellow. Find the view_id of your graph view and inherit from it. then place your new field as measure …