Fail2ban Odoo 9 Authentication

Odoo 9 community doesn’t come with autoban security. Fail2ban is an alternative to secure Odoo authentication. For more information concerning fail2ban click here Let’s start with creating a new filter: Paste the content from bellow code: Add those line in jail.local Change the value of syslog in the /etc/odoo/openerp-server.conf Restart Odoo then fail2ban to apply modification.

Problem with Godaddy VPS upgrade

I recently had a problem with Godaddy ubuntu 16.04 VPS, after updating and upgrading the system: SSH port wasn’t anymore reachable, it’s the only access we have to the server, however other services are working normally, so the system is still running. I tried many times to restart, call the support, but it didn’t solve the problem. The only solution was to destroy the server and rebuild it from scratch + restoration of backups. I’ve also tested the upgrade with a clean and freshly installed system, same issue occurred. If you’re running Ubuntu 16.04 VPS on Godaddy, Do not upgrade …

Odoo 9 Email Template

This is a basic email template to put in the xml file: if the module name is abc and the model name is voyelle then module_name.model_model_name should be abc.model_voyelle. ${object} is the model ${object.name} will display the attribute name of the current model.

Fail2ban doesn’t ban but regex works

One of my Debian server with fail2ban has a problem to ban ip from brute force attack, however testing logs with fail2ban-regex worked perfectly. My solution has been found through this page. The cause of my issue was related to the timezone of the system. To solve this problem, i used the command bellow to reconfigure timezone and then fail2ban started to ban as usual.

Odoo dashboard mobile

Odoo dashboard is a simple app that displays predefined widgets set on Odoo server, this app requires an additional module available on Odoo store. – Create, rename, delete, reorder and reload dashboards.– Add, remove, reorder and reload widgets from dashboard.– Fast loading, data is retrieved by the server and cached. Odoo Dashboard Widgets – WidgetXVsY: displays 2 numbers, difference and variation is calculated.– WidgetLastX: it could be used to displays x last months orders / invoices, etc…– WidgetSingleX: displays a relevant numbers Odoo server module Odoo dashboard Remote database access Connect to remote databases (MSSQL, local postgreSQL, MySQL not implemented yet) …