Problem with Godaddy VPS upgrade

I recently had a problem with Godaddy ubuntu 16.04 VPS, after updating and upgrading the system: SSH port wasn’t anymore reachable, it’s the only access we have to the server, however other services are working normally, so the system is still running. I tried many times to restart, call the support, but it didn’t solve the problem. The only solution was to destroy the server and rebuild it from scratch + restoration of backups. I’ve also tested the upgrade with a clean and freshly installed system, same issue occurred. If you’re running Ubuntu 16.04 VPS on Godaddy, Do not upgrade …

Odoo dashboard mobile

Odoo dashboard is a simple app that displays predefined widgets set on Odoo server, this app requires an additional module available on Odoo store. – Create, rename, delete, reorder and reload dashboards.– Add, remove, reorder and reload widgets from dashboard.– Fast loading, data is retrieved by the server and cached. Odoo Dashboard Widgets – WidgetXVsY: displays 2 numbers, difference and variation is calculated.– WidgetLastX: it could be used to displays x last months orders / invoices, etc…– WidgetSingleX: displays a relevant numbers Odoo server module Odoo dashboard Remote database access Connect to remote databases (MSSQL, local postgreSQL, MySQL not implemented yet) …

Geektool : Display system information on your MacOS X desktop

If you would like to display system information on your desktop of your Mac OS X, Geektool is the right utility you need. First download and install geektool : https://www.tynsoe.org/v2/geektool/ Open geektool app. Drag and drop Shell on your desktop, and click on command button Paste this code bellow to display your local ip and public ip. But you will need to replace 192.168.101 by your network ip address. Result :

Fail2ban Odoo 9 Authentication

Odoo 9 community doesn’t come with autoban security. Fail2ban is an alternative to secure Odoo authentication. For more information concerning fail2ban click here Let’s start with creating a new filter: Paste the content from bellow code: Add those line in jail.local Change the value of syslog in the /etc/odoo/openerp-server.conf Restart Odoo then fail2ban to apply modification.

Whitelist / Blacklist Amavis SpamAssassin Zimbra 8.6

Sometimes SpamAssassin scores email as False Positive spam, to avoid incoming emails to get junked, we can define globally in the config file /opt/zimbra/conf/amavisd.conf.in domain with a initial score. To whitelist a domain we add domain with a negative score: To blacklist a domain we add domain with positive score: To apply the modification restart Amavis: Now from the source of incoming emails we can see when it’s coming from mydomain.com the initial score is -3 and spammer.com is 5.

Odoo 11 how to avoid loading the homepage after module upgrade

​ Download on GitHub Download upgrade module Odoo 11 redirects the user to his homepage after a module upgrade, to avoid this trouble I made a small modification of the module upgrade behavior. Additional module is available here. It inherits only the model “ir.module.module” and override “_button_immediate_function” method.