Artisan mousepad

Artisan is a Japanese brand that specializes in creating high-quality artisan mousepads. These mousepads are made using premium materials, such as silica gel and cloth, and are known for their smooth and consistent surface that provides an excellent tracking experience for gaming mice. What sets Artisan mousepads apart from other brands is their focus on both form and function. These mousepads are not just functional, but also have a unique and attractive design that adds to the overall aesthetic of a computer setup. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, so there is something for everyone.Another notable …

Create scheduled actions Odoo 9

Scheduled actions can be set by adding this code in your xml file. This exemple will call the function schedule_action from the model hr.employee and send a notification by email if the boolean enable_send_notification is True. This model inherits hr.employee and defines 1 additional field, and 2 additional functions. send_notification is sending email based on the the template my_module.email_hr_employee_notification, see this post how to create email template with xml, schedule_action is the function called by the scheduler.

Odoo – Redirect user to a page in python

This code bellow will redirect the user to customer invoice page, you will be able to set the model you would like to use with res_model and the id of the record in res_id, the view template in views, target can have new or self value. new value will open a popup and display the requested page, self will load the page in the current window.

POS order to quotation in Odoo 9

Odoo 9 community does not have a button to generate from the POS (Point of Sale) Order a quotation (Sales Order), here is the following code of my module pos_2_so. Folders arborescence will have as sub folders :  model, view, static, ref the print screen : We will start by adding a new button on the interface of the pos, in the folder static/src/xml/, we create a new file named pos_2_so.xml. Bellow is its QWeb xml code : This portion of code creates a template named pos2sopad which include only a button : We need to set a placeholder by adding …

Odoo dashboard mobile

Odoo dashboard is a simple app that displays predefined widgets set on Odoo server, this app requires an additional module available on Odoo store. – Create, rename, delete, reorder and reload dashboards.– Add, remove, reorder and reload widgets from dashboard.– Fast loading, data is retrieved by the server and cached. Odoo Dashboard Widgets – WidgetXVsY: displays 2 numbers, difference and variation is calculated.– WidgetLastX: it could be used to displays x last months orders / invoices, etc…– WidgetSingleX: displays a relevant numbers Odoo server module Odoo dashboard Remote database access Connect to remote databases (MSSQL, local postgreSQL, MySQL not implemented yet) …