Odoo dashboard mobile

Odoo dashboard is a simple app that displays predefined widgets set on Odoo server, this app requires an additional module available on Odoo store

– Create, rename, delete, reorder and reload dashboards.
– Add, remove, reorder and reload widgets from dashboard.
– Fast loading, data is retrieved by the server and cached.

Odoo Dashboard


WidgetXVsY: displays 2 numbers, difference and variation is calculated.
WidgetLastX: it could be used to displays x last months orders / invoices, etc…
WidgetSingleX: displays a relevant numbers

Odoo server module

Odoo dashboard

Remote database access

Connect to remote databases (MSSQL, local postgreSQL, MySQL not implemented yet) and retrieve your data with SQL query. A schedule job will run and cache the result of your query every x minutes in dictionary format.

User access

Create groups and manage your widget access rights.

Remote management

Manage users dashboards, widgets from the backend server.

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