How to search string in files Linux

Use this command bellow to find a pattern in the arborescence.

Start stunnel on Mac OS X Sierra startup

This file will start automatically sTunnel daemon on your Mac Os Sierra computer. sudo vi /Library/LaunchDaemons/macports.stunnel.plist for more information concerning sTunnel, OpenVPN setup please read this post: Make OpenVPN stealthy …

Odoo 9 Email Template

This is a basic email template to put in the xml file: if the module name is abc and the model name is voyelle then module_name.model_model_name should be abc.model_voyelle. ${object} …

Fail2ban Odoo 9 Authentication

Odoo 9 community doesn’t come with autoban security. Fail2ban is an alternative to secure Odoo authentication. For more information concerning fail2ban click here Let’s start with creating a new filter: …


DKIM Zimbra 8.6

DKIM is an email authentication method designed to detect email spoofing, for more detail : Wiki DKIM, i’m describing in this post how to enable it with Zimbra. Make sure …

WordPress Code Display

Plugin for displaying code in the front end: code to use in the backend: [code lang=”xml”][/code]